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At ARMI, we offer a unique opportunity for aspiring singers to hone their craft and unleash their inner rock performer. ARMI is the ideal destination for those who crave the gritty, powerful, and dynamic vocal techniques synonymous with these genres. Our experienced instructors understand the nuances of rock and heavy metal singing, guiding students to master the art of screaming, growling, and hitting those high notes with precision. Whether you're a beginner or an experienced vocalist, our tailored lessons will help you develop a strong vocal presence, improve your range, and build the stamina required for electrifying live performances.

At ARMI, we believe that rock and heavy metal vocals are more than just a skill – they're a form of self-expression. Our lessons focus on not only the technical aspects of singing but also on harnessing your unique voice and personality to stand out in the rock and metal scenes. We provide a supportive and encouraging environment where you can experiment, and grow as a performer.


Join the ARMI to unlock the full potential of your voice and become a commanding presence on any rock or metal stage.

At ARMI, while we specialise in rock and heavy metal vocal lessons, we also understand the importance of musical versatility. We offer a comprehensive range of vocal lessons spanning various genres. Whether you're interested in classical, pop or jazz, our skilled instructors are equipped to guide you on your vocal journey. Our commitment to diverse musical education ensures that you can explore different styles, techniques, and vocal dynamics to become a well-rounded and adaptable singer.

ARMI prides itself on fostering a rich musical environment where you can not only learn from our experienced instructors but also collaborate with fellow students and teachers who have diverse musical interests. At ARMI you can enhance your musical growth and creativity. So, while you can receive top-notch rock and heavy metal vocal training at ARMI, you'll also have the opportunity to explore and excel in other musical genres, making you a versatile and accomplished vocalist.


Embark on a musical journey that goes beyond boundaries and celebrates the beauty of diverse vocal expression.

Face to face lessons available at our facility in the heart of the Adelaide CBD or online.

Vocal Singing Lessons at ARMI. All styles. Specialising in Rock and Metal
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