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Heavy Music Training is certainly our Point of Difference, however, our teachers cater to all genres and styles of music. ARMI's facilities are innovative and inspiring, with a family feel, providing the highest quality teachers. All our teachers are actively involved, and respected members of the Music Industry. We are dedicated in getting the best of the best out of our students to help them reach their musical goals. All ages welcome.
Our students feel a part of something unique and positive, encouraged to be the best they can be. Students of ARMI have access to new and top of the range equipment. At ARMI, we want our students to realise their dreams and that all things are possible and nothing is impossible. 

Becoming a professional musician and recording artist, is the hope and dream of many. We have a large amount of students who are currently recording their music and performing live, realising that their dreams can become reality. We encourage all our students to actively seek their passion in music, within their chosen field. Whether it be via instrument, voice, recording, music business or even teaching, we make those avenues available for them. 

Get involved. Join the ARMI!! This is an evolution in music education, an Australian first, and just the beginning of what is to come. We have many services to help you along the way in your musical journey and open the windows of opportunity into the music industry like never before.
ARMI students are given the opportunity to meet and network with well-known recording artists and performing bands, from Australia and around the world.  Students have had the opportunity to jam live on stage with famous guitarists Paul Gilbert and Joe Satriani . Many have also played in bands alongside major Australian Metal acts.

In the past few years alone the company has been a major sponsor and involved in the delivery of several major Australian Master Class tours from world renowned guitarists, including Paul Gilbert, Joe Satriani, Yngwie Malmsteen, Guthrie Govan and Devin Townsend.
ARMI has hosted sold out intimate and exclusive Masterclasses with some of Australia’s biggest exports, including the mighty King Parrot, Tech Metal greats Hadal Maw, guitar virtuoso Plini, drummer Troy Wright, and Australian metal veterans from Tasmania, Psycroptic as well as Three Wise Monkeys and Brisbane's Calligula's Horse.

ARMI has also hosted several exclusive classes including International Progressive Metal Vocalist Daniel Tompkins of Tesseract and guitarist, Nick Johnston,  from Canada.

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