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ARMI Owners/Directors Christian & Connie Broome
ARMI  Australian Rock and Metal Institute is a South Australian business proudly launched
by Husband and Wife team Christian & Connie Broome, in January 2012. 
Since its establishment, ARMI has become an educational haven
for a wide demographic of students
wishing to pursue their musical aspirations, regardless of age or genre.
“We've got a very strong youth focus as you can imagine,” Christian says, “the future of rock and metal music is safe and well in the hands of the youth. We’re all about making dreams come true”
Christian Broome

"The talent of our students never ceases to amaze us. 

Setting up ARMI is something Christian and I have wanted to do for a long time. It’s something for the students to believe in and to realise their full potential"

Connie Broome

Join the ARMI. Lessons in Vocals, Guitar, Bass, Drums, Keys, Bands and more!

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