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ARMI Australian Rock & Metal Institute
Australia’s first Rock & Metal music training facility
An Evolution in Music Education
Inspiring, Creating & Mentoring the Future Stars of Rock & Metal
Specialised training for Vocals, Guitar, Bass, Drums & Bands
ARMI is proud to present Australia’s first  
‘Heavy Metal Vocal Training’
ARMI Online Music Lesons. Heavy Meta Vocal training, Vocal lessons all styles, Guitar, Bass, Drums, Keys.

ARMI Online lessons available to anyone, anywhere. All you need is a laptop, webcam, pc, tablet or phone and a reliable internet connection. Lessons available in vocals, guitar, bass, drums and keys.

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Australia's No. 1 Music Institute for Punk/Rock/Metal singers & screamers.

Australia's No.1 Music Institute for Punk/Rock/Metal singers & screamers! 
ARMI provides exclusively some of the best Vocal Coaches, Trainers & Mentors in Australia 


Here you can learn:
Breathing technique and support 
Extending your range, lower and higher 
How to sing without tension, releasing stress 
Increasing power and use of dynamics 
Improving confidence
Find your own individual singing style 
Open throat technique
Connecting chest with head & mixed voice
Vowel modification, Correct way to sing consonants
Fry, Distortion, Grit, Rasp all the style of screaming, low-mid-high 
Vocal health 

All ages welcome. All music styles and genres
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Guitar Lessons at ARMI. Express your creativity, play all styles, song writing, recording, play in a band, achieve your goals, change your life. Join the ARMI!
Guitar lessons at ARMI
 Express your creativity
Play all styles of music
Expand  your possibilities
Learn how to write your own songs
Play in a band
Become a performer
Achieve your dream goals
Build your self confidence
Inspire others
Change your life
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Keyboard lessons perfect for the singer/songwriter BOOK NOW

Introducing, ARMI Australian Rock & Metal Institute Drum Trainer The one and only, Matt "Skitz" Sanders.
The most prolific, influential and extreme metal drummers in Australian Metal History, who has been carving out a vicious brand of blast beats and double kick kaos since the late 80's.
Forming the hate core band Damaged in '89, he has gone on to play with many black and death metal bands such as Sadistik Exekution, Grave Temple, Abramelin, Blood Duster, Terrorust, Hobb's Angel of Death, King Parrot to name a few. With over a three decade long career behind the kit supporting, some of the best metal bands in the world, touring professionally both internationally and Australia wide.

Learn to drum like Skitz, Join the ARMI \m/
Australia's 1st and only specialised Rock & Heavy Metal music training facility

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Bass guitar lessons at ARMI. Beginner to advance players. Adelaie, South Australia


All styles covered.

Beginner to advance players welcome.

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ARMI Band performing a cover of 'Broken Machine' by 'Nothing But Thieves' at our ' Summer Show 2019' at the Jade 15th of Dec.


ARMI Australian Rock & Metal Institute held its third yearly show at The Gov Hindmarsh, Sunday 4th of September 2016, and it was most certainly the biggest and best yet! A four hour show, featuring a monstrous line-up of student bands.

A very big thank you to those that came along to support and experience first hand the amazing talent emerging from a unique music school unlike any other. Australia's first and only specialised Rock & Heavy Metal music training facility.

ARMI. Proudly South Australian.

Event sponsored by  Scenestr.  Lauda Guitars,

Derringers Music and Metal Obsession

Join Now for 2020 including School Holidays!! Specialised training for Vocals, Guitar, Bass, Drums & Bands.

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